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Welcome to ASCOC.

The ASCOC, Automotive Services Consumer Opinion Council, is available to those business operators who want to align their services with the needs and expectations of the automotive consumer.

We provide a web-based surveying tool that gathers opinions from consumers who use services within the automotive industry. Our client can conduct their own survey with the help of surveying professionals or find invaluable information in one of our compiled reports.

The goal of ASCOC is to equip operators with an understanding of their consumer in an effortless, efficient and affordable way. We want to help you build your business around your customers, knowing that if you do, your customers will be back for more. More 

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Preview the new ASCOC:

Are you ever curious as to what factors influence consumers to get their oil changed?  What are the factors that make the consumer decide that today is the day to get the oil changed? Do you ever stop to wonder what influences consumers to use one oil change location over another. We have an on-going survey of our panel to help us measure those factors.
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